What is the meaning of "FOMO"?

The meaning of "FOMO" is:

Fear of Missing Out

What is the definition of "FOMO"?

The definition of "FOMO" is:

Fear of Missing Out

"FOMO" means

Fear of Missing Out

the idea that you always have to be connected to technology so you never miss an invitation to a social event

Example Sentences:

I can’t stop checking my phone on Friday afternoons. I don’t want to miss out on the party. FOMO.

Even though I worked all weekend, my FOMO took over and I met my friends at a pub on Sunday night.

A: What did you do this weekend?
B: I went to a party on Friday.
A: Nice. Saturday?
B: Nightclub.
A: Sunday?
B: Afternoon in the pub and evening at a bar.
A: Wow. Are you going to take stay home tonight?
B: No, I have a concert. FOMO!

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