What does put one’s shoulder to the wheel mean?

What is the definition of put one’s shoulder to the wheel?

The meaning of "put one’s shoulder to the wheel" is:
The definition of "put one’s shoulder to the wheel" is:

(verb) to start to work extremely hard

Example Sentences:

A: How is school going? Are you still studying Engineering?
B: Yeah, but it’s so hard! I study for hours every day!
A: Well, just put your shoulder to the wheel. If you keep working hard, you’ll be successful one day!

The young football player is putting his shoulder to the wheel by practicing every day, so he can play professionally one day.

A: You look great! How did you lose so much weight?
B: Well, I put my shoulder to the wheel and worked out every day.
A: Fantastic!

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put one's shoulder to the wheel

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