" cat got your tongue" meaning | " cat got your tongue" definition

The meaning of "cat got your tongue" is:

The definition of "cat got your tongue" is:

(idiom) your silence is suspicious

Example Sentences:

Mom: Son, can we talk for a second.
Teenaged Son: Sure.
Mom: Are you hiding something from me?
Teenaged Son: No……why?
Mom: Do you know what I found under your bed?
Teenaged Son: No.
Mom: I found drugs under your bed!
Teenaged Son: ………
Mom: What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?

Boyfriend: I had fun meeting your family last night.
Girlfriend: What do you think of my sister?
Boyfriend: She’s really nice.
Girlfriend: Do you think she’s pretty?
Boyfriend: Sure.
Girlfriend: Prettier than me?
Boyfriend: ………
Girlfriend: Cat got your tongue?

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Cat got your tongue? No? Well they certainly have mine!


cat got your tongue

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