" any port in a storm" meaning | " any port in a storm" definition

The meaning of "any port in a storm" is:

The definition of "any port in a storm" is:

(proverb) when a situation is bad, any chance at relief is good

Example Sentences:

While we were driving through the Rocky Mountains, we got lost. It became dark and started snowing heavily. We decided to stop in a tiny, dirty Motel at the side of the road. Any port in a storm, I guess.

A: Oh no! The bars have closed and the buses are no longer running! How will we get home
B: We could take a taxi?
A: I don’t have any money.
B: My ex-girlfriend lives downtown, I could call her.
A: I thought you hated her?
B: I do, but any port in a storm!

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any port in a storm

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